Best Under Sink Water Heaters Reviews

Whether because they’re not ready to spend more or simply don’t know its real value, most people tend to neglect the role of the undersink water heater and just how beneficial it is on various levels.

Indeed, tank or tankless under counter water heaters are no more an extra and especially for those of you who still do most of their house tasks themselves. An under sink water heater can deliver instantly hot water in any type of environment and even during cold winters. This is the type of heaters that would literally go anywhere from your garage, office, hot tub, appartment to your home sink.

Also known as the under counter heater, the under sink heater has quiet a few advantages which you can’t really achieve with any other type of heater. For example, this is the only type of heaters that is designed purposefully to go in tight and compact areas and function properly while simultaneously saving you energy when properly installed.

The under counter water heater might be small in general but it still comes in a variety of shapes, forms and GPMs. Indeed, when talking about the best under sink water heater, we can easily imagine a heater that is able of pumping around 3 gallons per minute which is enough for a nice hot shower. Nevertheless, under counter water heaters are designed for smaller day to day tasks and would still perform far better within their designated field.

Top 5 Best Under Sink Water Heater Reviews

Here is a list of the best under sink water heater reviews available on the market as of now:

1- Bosch Tronic 3000 T Water Heater Review

 Bosch Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater reviewBosch is not necessarily the best brand for water heaters but it’s still one of the most dominant manufacturers of home machines all around the world. Accordingly, the Tronic 3000 T might just be the best under sink water heater for you as it is the descendant of a prominent brand which excels at making pretty much everything you need in your kitchen.

Nevertheless, it would be foolish to take the product as it is without further inspection and that’s what we’re doing today. Accordingly, the Bosch Tronic 3000 T is one of Bosch’s latest additions to their line of electric water heaters. It is important to note that consequently it is a tank water heater which entails a few advantages and limitations.


It is essential that you calculate your hot water requirement before purchasing your under sink hot water heater because this product features a 7 gallons tank which refills automatically but once completely drained, it might take up to an hour or so to heat up once again. So, if you’re planning on using this for multiple tasks, including showering then you might want to reconsider.

The tank is a central component to a small under sink water heater and that makes it necessary for you to double check the tank’s quality before you make the purchase. Indeed, tanks can either make or break a under sink water heater which is why Bosch went with a glass lined tank for a long service life and lower possibility of sediment build up.

Accordingly, it must be noted that tank water heaters in general require constant and regular maintenance to clean up the tank and make sure nothing harmful develops inside in the long term.

Type of Power

As mentioned earlier, this is indeed an under sink electric water heater with a tank which runs solely on electricity. Thus, it should be known that it requires a standard 120V output. Nevertheless, you better make sure that your home circuit breaker is capable of handling the extra voltage.

From a general view point, small under sink water heaters are definitely not equals to gas powered water heaters since they don’t heat up instantly and they might cost more in terms of energy. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a green and safe source of hot water then you landed on the perfect deal because this is a small yet capable heater that will take care of most if not all your hot water kitchen requirements.

Recovery Rate

The Tronic 3000 T has one of the fastest recovery rates and the widest temperature range for a heater this size. As stated earlier, the 7 gallon tank may take up to 40 minutes to completely refill and heat up to a maximum heat of 145F.


  • This is one of the most powerful electric tank under sink heaters as it can reach up to 145F.
  • The Tronic 3000 T is very compact, making it perfect for under sink / counter installation.
  • Easy installation for an under sink hot water heater.


  • Recovery time may be a little inconvenient for some but if you only use it for kitchen tasks then it’s doubtful that it’d ever run out.

2- Ariston GL4S Water Heater Review

Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater reviewAriston is another manifestation of Bosch’s impressive record of electric under counter heaters. Indeed, the heater in question is one of the latest models dropped by the company to overcome the flaws and reinforce the strengths of its predecessors. Accordingly, the Ariston GL4S is an extremely compact water heater that runs solely on electricity which are two things that most people look for in an under sink water heater.


One of the most impressive features of the Ariston GL4S is the fact that it comes with a 4 gallons tank. Yes, you heard that right, Ariston’s maximum capacity is 4 gallons and that means a fast refill and recovery rate.

The fact that it is a compact heater makes it easier for the machine to heat up the decent quantity of water in less than 30 minutes, delivering you from the wait time which you might have experienced already with bigger tank electric water heaters.

Also, the 4 gallons tank will enable you to almost continuously have access to hot water in your kitchen especially if you’re only using the heater for kitchen tasks. Otherwise, you’ll run into some major disappointment because this heater was not made to cater for the needs of an entire house but rather only to help a central heater keep up with your home requirements.

Concerning the tank itself, The Ariston features an impressively robust and smart glass lined tank which can endure the hottest temperatures and reduce sediment build up in the long run. Nevertheless, just like any other tank water heater, the Ariston GL4S also requires seasonal inspection and maintenance to make sure that nothing is clogging the circulation and that the tank is sanitized and clean.

Recovery rate

The point of use heater at hand is indeed one of the smallest electric heaters out there, making it great for under sink usage but it’s also considered to be one of the most powerful heaters in the game. A smaller tank with a standard Bosch machine usually result in a faster recovery rate which in this case can reach up to 40 minutes to completely regenerate from scratch.

Thus, Ariston GL4S is still one of the fastest recovery under sink hot water heaters and as long as it’s always on, it will constantly refill and reheat, making it really hard for the tank to get completely exhausted especially from basic kitchen tasks.

Type of Power

As it has been made obvious, the Ariston GL4S feeds strictly on electricity which offers you plenty of ways to look at the machine. For most people; efficiency is a number one priority when making a purchase of any kind but it’s only ethical to make it clear that electric heaters are not known for being instant water heaters and may take some time to refill and recover which is not the case for gas powered heaters.

Nevertheless, the electric heater at hand is considered to be a green source of heat which is certainly appealing to those of you who are really concerned about your CO² output in the world. Also, electric heaters like the Ariston GL4S are ever so simple to install and wouldn’t require the presence of a professional.

Indeed, to install the Ariston GL4S , all you need to do is plug it to the nearest outlet and that’s it. Just make sure that you install it properly and firmly under your sink to avoid any exterior contact with leaking sink water or any other elements that may cause issues in the future.

The heater requires 120V to run appropriately. So, make sure that your home circuit is capable of handling the extra charge before making the purchase.


  • Solid quality heater
  • Quick recovery rate
  • Compact design


  • None if you can get over the fact that it’ll take some time to refill and recover.

3- Ecosmart 6 Gallon Mini-tank Water Heater Review

Ecosmart 6 Gallon Mini-tank under sink Water Heater ReviewSay hello to what could be the best under sink water heater manufacturer in the industry: Ecosmart. this is a brand that has literally taken over the market of water heaters in general. Indeed, beyond Bosch’s rein, Ecosmart went on to create some of the best water heaters on the market and that includes under sink water heaters.

Indeed, the Ecosmart at hand is one of the best purchases you can make as far as under sink water heaters are concerned because it carries the legacy of a great company on its back and it’s not about to let it down. Just like Junkers, Ecosmart made the smart move of building trust before anything and now comes the turn on under sink water heaters.

By now, you must have noticed that most under sink heaters are both electric and come with a tank which can explain plenty. In fact, under sink electric water heaters have proven to be perfect for under sink usage unlike gas powered heaters because they don’t need air which is not exactly the case with gas heaters. Indeed, electric under sink water heaters are green, compact and very convenient for kitchen use and hence comes the 6 Gallons Ecosmart.


As mentioned briefly earlier, the Ecosmart at hand comes with a 6 gallons tank which is more than enough hot water for what you’d need daily in your kitchen. Hence, the heater at hand is of a decent size but still a very compact design, making it possible for you to easily install it under your sink at ease.

For a 6 gallons tank, the Ecosmart at hand presents one of the most powerful engines on a heater this size which can be evident in the recovery and refill rate. Nonetheless, it is of equal importance to mention that the tank in question is built cleverly to maintain heat to greater extents, reducing power consumption and granting you access to instant hot water at any time and point.

Type of Power

As it has been clearly stated, the Ecosmart at hand runs on electricity which has both its advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, electric water heaters make better under sink units but it’s also important to note that the energy cost is rather higher in the long term.

On the other hand, electric heaters cause far less pollution than the gas option and are considered a lot safer in general. Moreover, the electric heater at hand is not only reliable but it’s a lot easier to install and runs on a steady 120V. Hence, you must make sure that your home circuit breaker can handle the extra charge before you proceed with your purchase.

Recovery rate

As important as it is, recovery rate should not be your primary concern here because as long as you run the heater for kitchen tasks only, you won’t have to worry about it completely draining and refilling from scratch which takes the longest to recover.

Specifically, the tank heater at hand will take around 40 minutes to completely refill and reheat which is a decent amount of time for someone who is in a rush but as long as you keep the heater running, it’ll constantly refill and reheat in a much faster period of time.


  • Easy installation (simply plug it into the nearest outlet)
  • Comes with a pressure relief valve
  • Reliable heater and reputable brand


  • Requires constant and seasonal maintenance and clean up.

4- WaiWela WM-2.5 Mini Tank Water Heater Review

WaiWela WM-2.5 Mini Tank under sink Water Heater reviewWaiWela is an upcoming brand with plenty of potential to make it as a primary under sink water heater manufacturer. Truly, this is one of those companies with a simple yet specific goal and that Is to make a name in the industry and that usually entails a solid reputation.

The WM 2.5 mini is thus the outcome of a series of upgrades which the company went through in order to achieve a competitive level with the big dogs. As stated in the previous sentence, the heater is indeed a 2.5 gallons tank heater and that may be the biggest advantage or disadvantage for the machine, depending on who’s looking at it.


In fact, the WaiWela at hand is considered to be one of the smallest tank heaters in the game and with a 2.5 gallons tank, it just couldn’t get any smaller. Hence, this heater might not be the perfect choice for a large family of over 3 members but it certainly is a perfectly fitting range water heater for a smaller family.

The heater at hand by no means replaces a central one but it can still take charge of the basic kitchen tasks and for a small family of 2 members or three, it’s more than enough. Yes, the 2.5 gallons tank is plenty to get rid of a sink full of dirty dishes and some.

Speaking of the tank, it is important to note that although very small, the tank on the WaiWela is glass lined which contains heat a lot better and prevents sediment build up and consequently reduces the need to constantly check it up and clean it.Nevertheless, cleaning the tank is mandatory in-between each few months to make sure that nothing is clogging the path of water and that the tank is safely sanitized.

Recovery rate

As far as the recovery rate is concerned, you can already tell that it’s going to be considerably lower than the previous reviewed heaters based on the fact that the tank on this WalWela is pretty small. Hence, it is assumed to take around 30 minutes for the heater at hand to completely refill and reheat once it hit rock bottom which is doubtful it’d ever get there.

Indeed, the tank will constantly refill and reheat as you go and with the glass lined tank, it will certainly maintain heat a lot longer even at its lowest reserves.

Type of Power

As the rest of the reviewed under sink water heaters, this bad boy also runs on electric power solely, making it one of the smallest electric under sink water heaters in the game. Further, this might just be the one heater with a recovery rate that almost matches up to the performance of a gas fuelled heater which is almost unseen in the industry.

In details, note that the heater at hand requires 110V to function properly. So, make sure that your home circuit is fully capable of handling the extra charge before installing the device. Speaking of which, installation is a breeze for this heater as all you need to do is plug it into the nearest outlet and you’re set to go.


  • Significantly compact and can easily fit under a sink.
  • A smaller size means a faster recovery rate
  • Comes with an attached power cord


  • Isn’t enough for homes with too much hot water demand.

5- Ecosmart POU 6 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

Ecosmart POU 6 Under Sink Electric Tankless Water Heater ReviewYet with another Ecosmart except this time it is the tankless legend POU 6 which is an under sink instant water heater. Indeed, tankless electric heaters are considered to be almost legendary creatures especially amongst the under sink / counter range and that’s because most people only need that much hot water in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, there are bigger families who just can’t get enough hot water with a tank heater or are simply because they need a more efficient heater. Hence comes the POU 6 point of use electric tankless Ecosmart.

Beyond being the descendant of a reputable company, this Ecosmart is actually one impressive little machine with impressive compatibility and efficiency.

Type of power

Evidently, this is an electricity powered heater that fits perfectly under your sink because it is an under sink tankless water heater and unlike tank heaters, it comes with a few different characteristics.

Starting from the top, in order to deliver instant hot water this electric heater just gotta be extremely powerful and that requires more electric power. This might not be a gas powered heater but it is indeed as powerful, making it a solid admin for household tasks in general.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that the Ecosmart at hand requires 220V power to run smoothly because it’s an under sink tankless water heater and that can have a damaging cost on your circuit breaker if not powerful enough. However, since this is a heater that is made for big homes and big families, it is taken as a given that the host circuit is capable of taking the extra charge. In return, you get to benefit from constant and instant hot water flow through your entire kitchen pipes, including your sink, washing machine, dish washer and so on…


Obviously consumption is a big concern here because electricity is not the cheapest form of energy out there. Gas is undeniably a lot cheaper than electricity and at a 220V point, it is deemed to consume a healthy amount of electricity.

Nonetheless, electricity is still by far a safer option for a household because unlike propane gas, it doesn’t explode in case of distress. Also, electricity is a greener option and would significantly decrease your CO² output, making it environmentally aware. Not to mention that a tankless electric heater is prone to save up to 12 cubic feet of storage space under your sink.


The Ecosmart POU 6 is a powerful and extremely efficient option for big families as it will single handedly take care of most household tasks and perhaps even take charge of shower duty if needed.

The heater is also completely electric and technologically advanced to read different signs and stay alert to changes. Accordingly, the POU 6 features a digital temperature display to keep you in control at all times.


  • Installation is as simple as you would imagine
  • Extremely powerful and efficient
  • Reliable and reputable manufacturer
  • Impressive in cooler temperature regions


May be an over kill for smaller families, depending on your daily need of hot water.

6- Atmor 2.25 GPM Mini Tankless Water Heater Review

We wrap up the impeccable although small under sink water heater list with an Atmor which is one of the upcoming brands in the domain and one which has already accumulated enough positive reviews to make it on this list. Nevertheless, keep in mind that we’re only ethically obliged to represent the items on this list and not the entire product list behind each brand.

Accordingly, the Atmor tankless electric heater is one of the most affordable yet reliable units on the market which can deliver instant hot water under sink. In fact, this is a tankless heater with the ability to pump out hot water instantly and continuously, depending on your home water flow rate.

Type of power

As mentioned earlier, this is an electric heater which also happens to be tankless and that means more power is required to actually achieve a continuous flow of hot water. Make sure that you fully under that this isn’t a central water heater nor can it accomplish large home tasks such as showers and so on. However, it can definitely take charge of your entire kitchen.

The ultra fit electric tankless heater at hand is pretty powerful as it requires 240V in order to function smoothly and in return it provides you with instant hot water under sink. Hence, you have to make sure that your home’s circuit is capable of catering for the extra charge.

Further, note that electricity as a fuel is considerably more expensive than propane & gas which is why you ought to assume a significant change in your electric bill. Accordingly, this is why the Atmor at hand is a great option for large homes and large families.

Flow Rate

Now that we’re speaking of a tankless heater, it is essential to note that it features a flow rate of 2.25 gallons per minute which is more than sufficient for a large kitchen, sink and even an outdoor shower.

However, it is important that you make sure your hose water output doesn’t exceed 1.5 gallons per minute in order to conserve water and not exceed the heater’s potential.

Further, the heater at hand presents 3 different settings which are high / 13kw – medium / 8.5kw – low / 4.5kw.


  • Fit and compact which enables you to install it even under your sink or counter
  • Comes with a pressure relief device
  • Under sink instant water heater


  • Low GPM

Types of under sink water heaters

There are obviously different types of under sink water heaters out there but nothing to distract you because we’re only talking about two. an under counter water heater can either be tankless or it can come with a tank and making that choice strictly depends on your preference. Nonetheless, we’ll try to present to you some of the facts that may make your choice easier.

Under Sink Tankless Water Heater

You know what they say, once you go tankless, you don’t go back and especially if you land on a solid brand. Indeed, most tankless water heaters are pretty reliable but there is more to it than just that.

There are a few reasons why people stick to under sink tankless water heaters and a few reasons why they don’t. Starting by the latter, most people who decided to go tankless did so for a variety of reasons but most importantly for the endless stream of hot water.

Indeed, with a decent tankless under sink heater, you benefit from an endless flow of hot water and save yourself a lot of time which you could be spending waiting for a tank to heat up. Tankless is instant and that’s one of its best features but so is its compatibility.

Actually, under sink tankless water heaters are privileged when it comes to the space equation because they don’t come with a giant tank and that means they can fit pretty much anywhere, especially under a sink.

Further, an under sink tankless water heater is considerably a small machine and one which does not consume much energy and when compared to the tank option, that becomes quite pertinent.

To sum it up, here is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of under sink tankless water heaters:


  • Powerful GPM / instant hot water flow
  • Low energy cost
  • Compatible and compact
  • Doesn’t require constant maintenance


  • Costs a bit more than a tank water heaters
  • Can be challenged by a higher water output

Under Sink Tank Water Heater

Tank water heaters are attracting more and more demande because they are very affordable for most people and also because they will always have some hot water for you in their belly.

Also known as the traditional water heater, the under counter tank water heater is one of the most common choices amongst water heaters. These machines can store up to 16 gallons of hot water under your sink which will be used up and refilled / reheated continuously.

Under counter tank water heaters have also been a popular option amongst RV owners and people living in moving houses as the storage tank seems
to fulfill their basic needs but that can change drastically depending on the size of the family.

Indeed, you might be looking for an under sink water heater because you need a complementary heater for your kitchen tasks but if your tank is full then you might as well enjoy a nice hot shower while at it. However, make sure to do that once you’re completely certain that you don’t need hot water for another hour minimum.

So, let’s sum it up:


  • Affordable for most
  • Isn’t affected by your water output
  • Ready to pump hot water when given enough time


  • Requires constant maintenance
  • Consumes more energy to heat large amounts of water
  • Size problematic for tight areas

Under Sink Water Heaters – Advantages & Benefits

Most people would consider getting an under sink hot water heater instead of upgrading their existing central heater for a few reasons. First, central water heaters are rather expensive and it would be even more expensive to upgrade to a more powerful version when you can simply get yourself a secondary under sink water heater to do the same job for less $$$.

Indeed, now under sink hot water heaters can reach up to 2.5 gallons per minute which is incredibly sufficient for all secondary tasks at home. However, why would anyone get an alternative when they already own a central / powerful heater?

Faster Hot Water Reduces Water Consumption

One of the perks of owning an under sink water heater is that you’ll be able of accessing hot water instantly which is not the case when you rely completely on a central heater especially if it’s installed far away from your kitchen. Hence, this will not only save you time but it also saves around 25% of your regular water consumption and makes your home more environment friendly.

The reasoning behind that resides in the fact that these heaters are compact, so compact that they can fit pretty much under your sink or counter. This enables the heater to function at proximity and deliver hot water instantly to your sink, saving you a lot of time and water.

Also, it is important to mark down the distinction between tank and tankless under sink water heaters because they don’t necessarily abide by the same rule. Indeed, if we know anything about tank water heaters, it is that they take some time to refill and reheat which is not the case with tankless heaters. Accordingly, it is considerably safe to argue that tankless under sink water heaters are a prioritized option because they offer a point delivery system with instantaneous hot water whereas the tank option may do the same but not always.

Makes Bigger Homes Seem Smaller

Indeed, far away central heaters is one of the biggest issues for large home owners since they end up installing the heater in proximity to the shower and almost neglecting the essentiality of having hot water in the kitchen as well.

Hence, installing an under sink water heater in proximity to your kitchen or simply under your sink will save you a lot of waiting and by consequence a lot of water. You might not realize the amount of water wasted while you wait on hot water to kick in but the accumulative amount will certainly shock you.

Under sink water heaters are very affordable, powerful and water saving and for big home owners almost necessary. Also, it is still a much better option than upgrading your entire central unit to a more powerful and impressively more expensive one.

What to Look for when Buying an Under Sink Water Heater

There quite a few boxes that you need to check before you purchase a under sink water heater just to be sure that you made the perfect choice. Accordingly, here is a list of the things you need to keep in mind while shopping.

Size matters

Indeed, size is one of the most important influencers here if not the most important since it really defines the proximity reference. In this equation, it would be necessary to be conscious of the fact that tank heaters are significantly larger and even though they would fit under your sink, they still can’t compare to the compatibility of tankless heaters.

So, upon purchase, make sure that you take measurements of your installation area and look for the size of the heater before you proceed to click the buy button.

Gas Vs Electric

Once you got the size down, you need to move to the next check box and make up your mind on a very important distinction. It is important to note that there are quite a few differences between the two systems, but both gas and electric water heaters are equally efficient.

However, it is undeniable that gas power heaters are considerably more responsive as they deliver hot water incredibly fast when compared to the electric counterpart and that would save you a lot of time and water in the long run. Also, it is important to note that although electric heaters are green and more nature friendly, their bill is a lot higher when compared to gas and propane.

So, here comes the divide! You either go green; and sacrifice money and waste more water; or go red and experience maximum efficiency while putting out more CO² out there.


In case you went with the electric option, you must bear into consideration that voltage power is very important. Indeed, electric under sink water heaters might look small but they are mean machines that require a considerable amount of energy and if your house is not equipped for it, it’ll end up over powering your home electrical system. Hence, you must make sure that the requirement of the electric heater can be assumed by your home circuit breaker. However, if not then you should definitely consider upgrading your circuit or dropping the electric option.

Home Water Demand

Depending on your home’s water demand, you’ll learn a whole lot more about your decision to buy an under sink water heater. In fact, knowing exactly how much hot water you might need per minute will make it a lot easier for you to make your purchase as all heaters come with a defined hot water flow.

Hence, take time to make a few calculations and determine how many gallons per minute do you plan on consuming and match that with your purchase which may range from 1 to 2.5 gallons of hot water per minute.

On the chart below, you’ll find an estimation of gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water each of your fixtures and appliances needs

Fixture/ApplianceTypical Flow Rates
Bathtub2.0 - 4.0
Bathroom Sink0.5 - 1.5
Kitchen Faucet1.0 - 2.5
Clothes Washer1.5 - 3.0
Dishwasher1.0 - 2.5
Shower1.0 - 2.5

Incoming water Temperature

There are a few more things which you should keep in mind before you make your purchase but one of the most important criterion on this list is your incoming water temperature.

Indeed, it is very important to keep in mind that your environment and location will greatly impact your choice because people who live in Texas don’t necessarily need a heater as powerful as those who reside in Alaska and so on.

So, you gotta make sure your incoming water remains within a consistent water temperature which can be overtaken by your heater and obviously the more powerful the heater the more fitting it would be in cooler regions.

average ground water temperature across the united states

Installation and maintenance

In this axis, we will specifically delve into the tank Vs tankless conflict because they’re great case studies to illustrate this point. Also, keep in mind that electric heaters are pretty advanced installations and necessarily require a professional especially to check your voltage compatibility.

Accordingly, proper installation is a requirement for all kinds of heaters and is normally very similar which would require a professional in most cases. Our advice to you is not to risk installing the device yourself as you might endanger yourself and others due to trivial mistakes.

As for maintenance, it is important to note that most heaters don’t require that much maintenance whereas tank heaters do. It is evident that a heater with a big tank would require continuous maintenance and check-ups to make sure that it doesn’t get clogged with sediment build up.

Life expectancy

One of the most significant criterions which your purchase should be based on is the life expectancy of the heater because nobody wants to invest a large sum of money on a machine that’ll go foul in a couple of years.

Hence, it must be kept in mind that it is common amongst tankless water heaters to last up to 20 years minimum which is an incomparable number when speaking of tank heaters or electric ones.

3 Common Under Sink Water Heater Problems

Just like any other device, under sink water heaters also have their inconveniences and might cause certain problems when misinformed or upon faulty installation. Hence, it is very important you inform yourself continuously by reading some of the under sink water heater reviews available online. So, to help you, here’s a list of the most common problems found amongst under sink water heater users.

Water leakage

A lot of people would experience water leakage with their under sink heaters and especially if you’re getting a tank heater. You are more likely to experience leakage with a tank under sink heater because of a few reasons. First, you need to make sure that your installation is not loose because that is the most common cause of leakage. Don’t be affair to twist that wrench a little harder at the end as it will save you a lot of headaches. Further, you want to install your heater in a safe and dry environment because for the most part, parts tend to wear out over time and the surrounding conditions can have a huge impact on the durability of your heater.

Blocked Pipes

The drain valve located at the bottom of your tank and heater is most commonly prone to sediment build up and eventually it ends up getting completely or partially clogged which diminishes the heater’s ability to produce hot water at a steady rate. Hence, make sure that you constantly and seasonally check your tank and valves for sediment build up and clean it appropriately to stay on the safe side.

Electrical problems

Electrical issues are also very common amongst electric heaters in general and under sink heater in specific because of the given environment. Most people would carelessly install the heater anywhere under the sink while completely forgetting that it’s an electric machine which can be damaged by constant humidity or water leakage. So, make sure you insulate your heater appropriately when installed under a sink and secure the electric plug before calling it a day.

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